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Top 10 Native Flowers and Plants for Your Yard in Central Arizona

Landscaping is known to be tricky and overwhelming, especially in Central Arizona. There are so many choices in plant and flower selection. The unforgiving climate and environment of Arizona make growing flowers a challenge. Fortunately, Arizona has many indigenous plants available, which can serve as a great backyard feature or provide eye-catching curbside appeal. An Arizona Landscaping Company can help provide customized suggestions for your yard. The Commercial and Residential-Commercial Landscapers at Terra Sole Outdoors have put together a list of the top 10 native flowers, in no particular order, for your yard in Central Arizona. 

Firecracker Penstemon: These orange and red spiked flowers thrive in winter and spring gardens, providing vibrant color in neutral winter landscapes. The orange-red coloring not only provides a pop of color but also nectar to hummingbirds in the winter months, when there are less available flowers with nectar. These southwest-native flowers thrive best in full or partial sun in well-drained soil. 

Damianita: This plant can add bright contrasts of yellow and grows natively in the Southwest desert. This plant, which displays countless golden yellow flowers upon bright green foliage, thrives in full, reflected sun and well-drained soil.

Red Yucca: This plant is great for landscapes of any kinds due to its ability to adapt to the climate and the little care it needs. Red yuccas are best for full sun and look great planted next to boulders. In fact, red yuccas thrive in the summer heat and extreme winter cold.

Texas Ranger: When in full-bloom, these purple, vibrant blossoms make head turns. This impressive flowering shrub displays brilliant purple blooms on every inch of the shrub. Natively found growing in the desert, this shrub can mature to become six feet tall and wide. The shrub can withstand full sun and reflected heat, while the flowers respond luminously to the rainfall and humidity of the summer and fall. 

Desert Marigolds: These bright yellow flowers can thrive year-round when water occasionally in the summer-time. The seeds of the flowers are enjoyed by doves, sparrows, and finches, with stalks that grow up to 18 inches tall. While this flower is short-lived, the perennial will reseeds its self and is drought-tolerant. 

Yellow Bells:  This long-blooming shrub can appear tropical at first glance. Natively, the shrub grows along hillsides and flat areas of land within elevations of 2,000-5,000 feet. Hummingbirds and bees love the yellow blooms’ nectar. The yellow bells grow from the bright green foliage, which creates a beautiful tropical-look in any desert landscaping. 

Desert agave:  A very common perennial in the desert regions of Arizona, this flower can reach up to two feet tall. The stiff blue-gray leaves and yellow clustering flowers thrive in dry, sunny conditions and provide a very natural-feel to any landscaping. 

Blackfoot daisy:  The pearl white petals with yellow centers are extremely eye-catching. Growing about a foot tall and wide, the flowers attract butterflies, birds, and bees due to their plentiful nectar. These daisies thrive in the spring, summer, and fall months, and are best planted in dry soil and partial to full sun.

Santa Rita Prickly Pear: This iconic cactus is native to southeastern Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The prickly pear cactus exists in many species, but the Santa Rita provides a beautiful additional of color with its purple, gray, and blue pads. When the temperatures drop, the purple coloring darkens. In the springtime, yellow flowers appear, adding visual texture to any garden.

Pink Muhly: This ornamental grass is known if it’s spectacular color and is native to the central regions of the United States. It naturally grows in open woodlands and on prairies but is also a popular choice for landscaping. During the fall, the attractive green grass blooms into pink and burgundy flowers. In the winter temperatures, the pink plumes become a graceful wheat color, which can blend into any winter garden. This grass can be elegantly paired with the contrasting blue leaves of Murphy agave. 

Landscaping with native Arizona flowering plants will help keep the beauty of Central Arizona alive while adding gorgeous aesthetics to your outdoor space. Check out Terrasole Outdoor Designs for ideas, inspiration, or further questions.


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