• Meghan McaNally

How Pavers Improve the Look and Quality of Your Home or Residential Space

Pavers can provide customizable, dynamic color and texture to your residential space or building. Pavers can bring a patio to life, create a welcoming entrance to your home, or upgrade the curbside appeal of your driveway. Pavers introduce the ideal blend of natural landscaping to an established home in order to create a relaxing outdoor-style. Regardless of where you place your pavers, the color combinations and texture choices must be planned carefully to accentuate your beautiful home.

Compared to other materials and home modifications, paver installation shouldn’t give you any headaches. A brand-new paved walkway, driveway, patio, or wall can be used almost immediately after it is installed. Its counterpart, concrete, is much more demanding to install and to cure to its full strength, which can take from days to weeks.

Durability is a huge reason why we recommend pavers for so many projects. Whether you live in an area that is more susceptible to earthquakes or you have adventurous kids who like to play outdoors, pavers utilize an interlocking system that also flexion, without damage or cracks. Contrastingly, poured concrete experiences substantial cracking and noticeable chipping. If a single paver does require maintenance, it can be easily swapped out with a new paver.

In addition to longevity, pavers provide a simplistic approach for enhancing any particular style of a home. With a wide range of colors to choose from, the whole property aesthetic can be increased by adding pavers. Ask us about our Terrasole Outdoor Designs for some inspiration. Let’s go over a few ways that pavers can enhance your home’s aesthetics, and possibly its value!

Instead of using traditional concrete, pavers can make your driveway visually appealing and differentiated from the rest on your block. In addition, pavers not only provide an attractive contract but also provide greater durability. Daily activities, such as driving in and out of the driveway, have the potential to damage any material. Concrete cracks and deteriorates over time, while the paver technology allows for flex without any sag. If a paver was to break, the single paver would be replaced, rather than pouring a brand new driveway. Pavers are also more stain resistant. Overall, pavers provide a driveway which requires less maintenance and provides increased home value.


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